Event description


March 4, 2015

This event is a must attend for anyone considering moving to the U.S. under either an investor or business visa. This event includes an overview of both the EB-5 program and other investment and business related immigration opportunities. Eligibility for an EB-5 investor based visa can be as low as $500,000 USD and can provide permanent residency (a green card) for your entire family. This three hour seminar provides a detailed basis for anyone considering an EB-5 or other investment based move to the U.S.

The event is sponsored by The Hollywood Regional Center. The Hollywood Regional Center is dedicated to helping foreign investors become U.S. residents through the EB-5 visa program. By maintaining a portfolio of EB-5 qualifying investment projects in one of Southern California’s most vibrant areas for economic development, HRC connects project sponsors and business owners with new sources of capital and guides investors through the EB-5 process.

Guest speakers include Mr. Michael B. Dye, an EB-5 and business immigration attorney and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Mr. Dye is admitted to practice law in various jurisdictions, including California and the District of Columbia. Mr. Dye is an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), and the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham Singapore).

The event will cover the following topics:

Immigrant Visa Categories

Employment Based Visas

EB-5 Comprehensive Overview

B-1 and B-2 Visas

Non-Immigrant Visa Overview

L-1 Visa for “New Offices”

E-1 and E-2 Treaty Trader and Treaty Investor

Lawful Source of Funds Issues